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Welcome to the Intercelt discussion forum.

This forum has been designed as a resource where you can seek advice about holidaying in Ireland, or exchange views on aspects of Irish culture with other website users.

As this is a meeting place for people with similar interests, share the benefit of your experience and provide the type of information that you yourself would find useful.

In general, this forum will not be edited for content, style or errors of fact. As such you may encounter ideas and opinions that are challenging or foreign to you. So c'mon - we know you have a story to tell ! Don't keep it to yourself - share the pearls of your wisdom with other users !

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While strong views are certainly welcome here, obscene or offensive material will not be tolerated. Intercelt retains the unreserved right to delete any postings that are found to be offensive, litigable, or obscene in nature. Like the community you live in, this forum works best when everyone follows the basic standards of conduct. [More information on the forum guidelines.]

Disclaimer - Any views posted to the Intercelt forum are not the views of Intercelt and should not be thought of as such. All views and opinions posted to the forums are the views and opinions of site users. Intercelt cannot be responsible for the views of others, however any obscene or offensive material will be removed.

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