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Have you been on a holiday organised by an Intercelt member firm ? Was there something about it which left you feeling disappointed or angry ? Please let us know. Honest feedback from holidaymakers such as yourself is the only way we can ensure that any mistakes are not repeated.

All messages received will be investigated to the best of our ability and, if required, a response will provided to you in as short a time as possible. Fill out the following form and click the submit button. The completed details will then be forwarded to the Intercelt administrator.

Feedback specific to this website can also be sent using this form.

Rest assured that all messages are received in confidence and your identity will be protected at all times.

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Please note that Intercelt is not a holiday service provider. We cannot be held responsible for any problems you may have experienced while holidaying in Ireland, and as such cannot provide redress or compensation for such difficulties. For more information on Intercelt.

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