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cogar - ireland's provinces
Ireland has been called the island of saints and scholars, and if you are a scholarly person, or if you just want to learn a bit more about Ireland, then read on for details on seasonal schools and courses. Most of these schools cover a broad range of subjects of Irish interest, including politics, history, religion and Gaelic culture. The details on these courses have been separated according to the province in which they take place.

We have also listed a sample of the subjects/modules covered by each school to help you find the topic you want. Some of these summer schools have an accreditation system, enabling participants to transfer academic credits back to their own universities.

Historically, Ireland has been divided into the four provinces of Connaught - Connacht, Leinster - Laighean, Munster - Mumhan and Ulster - Uladh. Connaught is located in the west of Ireland, Leinster in the east, Munster in the south and Ulster in the north.


  Connaught - Connacht
- Achill Archaeological Field School, Dooagh, Achill Island, Co. Mayo  
  Subjects : archaeology, geology, geophysics, history, Irish
  This is a training school for students of Archaeology, run on a weekly basis
- takes place weekly from 4th June - 27th August 2001.
  full details here
- Bard Summer School, Clare Island, Co. Mayo  
  Subjects : myth and legend, folklore
  This is an annual summer school which explores a different Irish myth every year. The theme for 2001 is Love and Betrayal, and the myth to be explored is Diarmuid agus Gráinne.
  full details here
- Dr. Douglas Hyde Conference / Comhdháil an Chraoibhín, Ballaghderreen, Co. Roscommon  
  Subjects : history, culture
  This conference celebrates the life and achievements of Dr. Douglas Hyde and usually takes place during the third weekend in July. Dates for 2001 have not yet been finalised.
  full details here
- Irish Studies Summer School, National University of Ireland, Galway  
  Subjects : gaelic culture, gaelic literature, Irish society
  The month-long Irish Studies Summer Course takes place from 28th June - 28th July 2001 - [accreditation available]
  full details here

  Leinster - Laighean
- Adventure Ireland, Ashfield College, Terenure, Dublin  
  Subjects : gaelic culture, gaelic literature
  This is a summer camp for 12-18 year olds. The itinerary for the summer program includes a course on the culture of Ireland, and also an adventure sports program which takes place in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.
- 3 week Culture and Adventure course 30th June - 20th July 2001
- 2 week Culture and Adventure course 7th July - 20th July 2001
- 2 week Cultural program 30th June - 14th July 2001
- 1 week Cultural program: 30th June - 7th July 2001, 7th - 14th July 2001.
  full details here
- International Summer School, UCD, Dublin  
  Subjects : history, politics, archaeology, folklore, drama, music
  The theme for this year's summer school is 'Ireland: Literary Traditions and Cultural Identity'. The course covers a wide variety of topics and takes place from 27th June - 13th July 2001 - [accreditation available]
  full details here
- National Museum of Ireland  
  Subjects :
  full details here
- Trinity Summer Schools, Trinity College, Dublin  
  Subjects : literature, theatre, history, gaelic culture, visual culture, critical issues, gaelic traditions,politics
  Two summer schools take place in Trinity College every summer.
1 - Irish Studies Summer School. This course is open to university students from the United States only and takes place from 21st June - 9th August 2001 [accreditation available]
2 - Ireland in Europe Summer School. The theme for this year's course is Irish culture and its place in a wider Europe. The school takes place from 15th - 28th July 2001.
  full details here

  Munster - Mumhan
- Cumann Merriman, Co. an Chláir & Co. Phort Láirge  
  Subjects : culture, society, politics, history
  The Merriman Winter school takes place in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford from 2nd - 4th February 2001.
The Merriman Summer School takes place in Co. Clare from 18th - 25th August 2001.
  full details here
- Díseart, Institiúid Oideachais agus Chultúr Dúchais
  Subjects : celtic spirituality, religious writings,art,archaeology, history, folklore
  Díseart runs a number of courses during the year on various aspects of Celtic Culture

1. Irish Culture and Spirituality
2. Introductory Course in Celtic Culture
3. Walking Pilgrimage
4. Summer Schools
5. Autumn Courses
6. Long Term / Sabbatical Students
  full details here
- International Summer School, University College Cork, Cork  
  Subjects : archaeology, literature, history, Irish language, music
  The school takes place from 1st - 27th July 2001, and takes the theme of 'Turning points in Irish Identity'
[accreditation available].
  full details here
- Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh, Co.Chiarraí
  Subjects : literature, archaeology, flora & music of the area, Irish language
  Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne have three courses in this category.
1 - Litríocht na Gaeilge - The Irish Language and Literature. This course studies the literature of the region, and takes place from 13th - 18th August 2001.
2 - An Ghaeilge, an Timpeallacht agus an tSeandálaíocht - Irish, Archaeology and the Natural Environment. This week-long course explores the heritage of the Corca Dhuibhne region and takes place from 23rd - 28th July 2001.
3 - An Ghaeilge agus na hEalaíona - The Irish language and the Arts - A new course for 2001, takes place from 13th - 18th August 2001.
  full details here
- Seachtain Daonscoile, An Rinn, Co. Phort Láirge
  Subjects : logainmneacha, dúlra, stair, dúchas
  Scoil deireadh seachtaine 5ú - 7ú Deireadh Fómhair 2001 i nGúgán Barra
Scoil seachtaine ón 18ú - 24ú Lúnasa 2001 sa Rinn, Port Láirge.
  full details here

  Ulster - Uladh
- Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Co. Dhún na nGall  
  Subjects : Language and Culture, Archaeology, Environment and Culture
  Oideas Gael have four different courses in this category this year.
1 - Language and Culture Course: This course has morning language tutorial sessions, with afternoon workshops in activities and takes place from 28th July - 4th August 2001.
2 - Archaeology Course: This course explores the theme '5000 years in stone'. It includes field trips and evening lectures and takes place from 4th - 11th August 2001.
3 - Environment and Culture Course: This course in an exploration of both natural and man-made heritage of the region and takes place from 30th June - 7th July 2001.
4 - Active Culture: This week-long course combines Irish, walking and cultural activities. Takes place April - September.
  full details here
- Tí Chulainn, Mullagh Bawn, Co. Armagh  
  Subjects : archaeology, music, literature
  Tí Chulainn organises cultural heritage weekend breaks which include a range of traditional Irish cultural activities. They are run subject to demand.
  full details here
- The fifteenth John Hewitt International Summer School 2002, St MacNissi’s College, Garron Tower, Carnlough, Co Antrim
  Subjects :
  full details here
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