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The following list indicates a range of options for those interested in golfing while in Ireland. The information here has been arranged according to the province in which these activities take place.

Historically, Ireland has been divided into the four provinces of Connaught - Connacht, Leinster - Laighean, Munster - Mumhan and Ulster - Uladh. Connaught is located in the west of Ireland, Leinster in the east, Munster in the south and Ulster in the north.

Justly famous for the quality of its golf courses, Ireland is most reknowned for the variety of links courses that are available. The challenge of attempting a long drive on a par 5 into a bracing Atlantic wind, with the ocean on one side and craggy rocks on the other - well, it brings out your true mettle as a golfer.


  Connaught - Connacht
- Galf Chúrsa an Chairn, Béal a Mhuirthead, Co.Mhaigh Eo  
  A full 18-hole golf course is maintained in this Gaeltacht region. Available year round.
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