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The following list indicates a range of options for those interested in a walking holiday in Ireland. The information here has been arranged according to the province in which these activities take place.

Historically, Ireland has been divided into the four provinces of Connaught - Connacht, Leinster - Laighean, Munster - Mumhan and Ulster - Uladh. Connaught is located in the west, Leinster in the east, Munster in the south and Ulster in the north.

While each province has areas suitable for walking, geology has ensured that the best hillwalking is to be found along the country's mountainous coastal rim, and the best low-land hiking in the flat midlands area. While the popularity of walking has increased considerably over the past few years, it is still possible to hike in certain areas and not meet a single other walker. If you intend to include an element of walking in your holiday ensure you pack correctly to meet your needs - here we make some suggestions for maps we recommend as useful.


  Connaught - Connacht
- Comharchumann Dhún Chaocháin, Ceathrú Thaidhg, Béal an Átha, Co. Mhaigh Eo  
  Signposted walks of the region have been set up by the Comharchumann. The walks vary in length and difficulty. Available year round.
  full details here

  Leinster - Laighean
- Áras Uí Ghramhnaigh, Ráth Cairn, Co. na Mí  
  The Comharchumann offers a week long course which combines hillwalking with the learning of the Irish language and other cultural pursuits, such as archaeology
- takes place 28th July - 4th August 2001.
  full details here
- Tain Trail, Co. Louth  
  The Tourist Office in Dundalk provides a printed guide to a signposted walk around the Cooley peninsula which follows the trail of the mythical army of Queen Maedhbh in its battle with Cuchulainn. Available year round.
  full details here

  Munster - Mumhan
- Díseart, Institiúid Oideachais agus Chultúr Dúchais
  full details here
- Hidden Ireland Tours, An Daingean, Co. Chiarraí  
  Hidden Ireland have a range of walking, and other, tours that bring them the length and breadth of Ireland. They specialise in organising customised tour routes for organised groups. There is one new Irish tour for 2001.
  full details here
- Seachtain Daonscoile, An Rinn, Co. Phort Láirge
  full details here

  Ulster - Uladh
- Comharchumann Árainn Mhór, Árainn Mhór, Dún na nGall  
  Signposted walks around the island of Aranmore varying in length from 2 to 6 miles. Available year round.
  full details here
- Comhchoiste na Gaeilge - Aontroim Thuaidh, Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Dhún na nGall  
  The Comhchoiste organise one hillwalking program during July in County Donegal. The program is bilingual, suitable for those with or without Irish.
  full details here
- Dal Riada Ventures, Portstewart, Co. Derry  
  Dal Riada Ventures has several different walking tours of Ulster suitable for people of varying levels of ability.
- Tours take place from Spring - Autumn 2001
  full details here
- Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, Co. Dhún na nGall  
  Week long and weekend group walking tours of the Donegal mountains accompanied by an experienced guide. There are also 'active culture' courses, combining learning Irish with walking. Available April - September 2001.
  full details here
- Tí Chulainn, Mullagh Bawn, Co. Armagh  
  Tí Chulainn have created a signposted walk of the local area called the 'Poet's Trail'.
  full details here
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