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What is Intercelt ?


Intercelt is a cooperative marketing programme established in 1998 in response to the development needs of the language/culture based tourism sectors in Ireland and Wales. rogha agus togha ar imeachtai ar nduchaisThe Intercelt project is sponsored jointly by Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge in Ireland and Menter a Busnes in Wales.

Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge [] is the Central Steering Council for Irish language voluntary organisations. Currently it has 21 member bodies including Conradh na Gaeilge, Gael Linn and Gaelscoileanna. Comhdháil is located in Dublin - Baile Átha Cliath.

Menter a Busnes [Enterprise Development Agency] is located in Aberystwyth, Wales. Menter aims to develop the economic potential of Welsh speakers for the benefit of the economy of Wales as a whole.

The primary aim of Intercelt is to help firms within the language/culture based tourism sector to realise the potential for growth which exists in this area. This objective is to be achieved through the provision of research, marketing and other supports necessary for firms to attract new customers.

To this end Intercelt has consulted with and gathered data from a large number of companies in this sector. As a result, a series of efforts have been undertaken aimed at increasing market awareness of the existence of the holidays offered by Intercelt firms.

There is considerable evidence to suggest that those people most likely to purchase a language/culture based holiday are very familiar with and have ready access to the internet. This implies that the internet can serve as a powerful resource for making information available to customers.

To this end the Intercelt website has been established with the aim of becoming the primary point of reference on the world wide web for information on holidays with an Irish language/cultural theme at their core.

Due to the distinct nature of the holidays available in Ireland and Wales two separate websites have been established to cater for both markets. Learn more about the Menter a Busnes tourism project, Croeso Cymru.
The Intercelt project is sponsored by the European Commission under the INTERREG development programme.

Contact Details  
Intercelt /
Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge
46 Sraid Chill Dara
Baile Átha Cliath 2

+ 353 1 679 4780
Menter a Busnes
Parc Gwyddoniaeth

+ 44 1970 625 561

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