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Schalke’s false start in the analysis Somehow not cool at all

Domenico Tedesco said a „thrilling situation“ about the false start of his FC Schalke 04. The coach went even further: It was „somehow also horny“ to work towards a sense of achievement after two defeats in a row. Then followed in Mönchengladbach the third season’s bankruptcy. Meanwhile Tedesco sounds different. „Three defeats cannot be horny. Read More

Breach of Taboos

For the first time in German football history, three points are deducted from a club for fan offence. The verdict is supposed to serve as a deterrent for Ultras – but could aggravate the conflict with them. „Of course,“ said Achim Späth. Of course, he was aware of the consequences of the verdict, which the Read More

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He can’t stand going out empty

Luka Modric was elected world footballer – and the eternal winner Cristiano Ronaldo skipped the freestyle of the Croatian and former team mate. Many find this unsporting. Lionel Messi is also criticized. For the first time in ten years, the winner of the FIFA World Cup is not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. The new Read More