Schalke’s false start in the analysis Somehow not cool at all

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Domenico Tedesco said a „thrilling situation“ about the false start of his FC Schalke 04. The coach went even further: It was „somehow also horny“ to work towards a sense of achievement after two defeats in a row. Then followed in Mönchengladbach the third season’s bankruptcy.

Meanwhile Tedesco sounds different. „Three defeats cannot be horny. Zero points from three games: The second player of last season is currently second last. The draw against Porto in the Champions League during the week also hardly brightened the mood“.

The reasons for the downturn are manifold. Last season’s third best defensive has forgotten how to defend itself. Last year’s average offensive at best could not compensate for the drop in defence performance. Not much fits together, which is also due to the fact that the entrances are still foreign to Tedesco’s system.

Already three goals according to standards

Proof of the defensive weakness: Schalke conceded his third goal after a standard situation at the 1:2 bankruptcy in Gladbach. In the entire last season there were only eight goals against after resting balls.

This weakness indicates the main problem of the Schalker: In the past season Schalke convinced as defensive bulwark. The players mastered the processes within the defensive 5-3-2 system perfectly. Schalke held the zero in the back as far as possible and used the few own chances efficiently in the front. In numbers: The team allowed the fourth fewest shots on goal in the league, but only shot the eleventh most often on goal. An impressive balance – but it’s exactly this balance that has now been overturned.

One possible reason: The team is not well-rehearsed. Against Gladbach there were four entrants in the starting eleven. They have obviously not yet internalized the defensive mechanisms of the Schalker system. The SPIX value underlines this: Sebastian Rudy, who came from Munich just two weeks ago, achieved a weak score of just 24.4 on the third matchday in the „ball conquest“ category, and his partner Nabil Bentaleb achieved a score of 29.9. The midfield centre, which could hardly be surmounted last season, is too easy to crack. Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann, who played Schalke dizzyingly, took advantage of this.

Nabil Bentaleb Honours

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Football League Cup runner-up: 2015


  • Bundesliga Rookie Award by TAG Heuer the first leg :best young player 2016–2017
  • Bundesliga Goal of the Season: 2016–2017 vs FC Augsburg on Matchday 7

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The six goals scored against Schalke in three games focus again on the Schalker offensive: Whoever is lagging behind must take control of the game. The opponent can retreat further and lurk for counterattacks. The problem is that the game’s structure was not the strength of the Schalkers last season. They scored almost half of their goals according to standards or by penalty.

This season, the game structure has hardly improved at all. Schalke is still too often looking for the direct way to the top from the defence. The midfield, the heart of modern football, plays over Schalke with long balls. The strikers can only rarely handle the inaccurate passes of the defenders.

It is noticeable that both the Schalk defenders and the attackers achieve only weak SPIX values. The defenders weaken in the area of game construction. This means that the attackers receive too few passes, which in turn has a negative effect on their SPIX. Guido Burgstaller is an example of this. Against Gladbach he reached an SPIX of 23, in the 1:2 defeat against Wolfsburg his SPIX was even at a catastrophic 1. The connection between defensive and offensive is the Schalker main problem. Check this black type bet review to get to know more.

The hope for improvement personifies Rudy’s approach. The 26-fold national player is supposed to connect the team parts in midfield. He is still alienating with this role. His debut at 0:2 against Hertha was a disappointment (SPIX: 6). Against Gladbach he was especially present in the second half (Spix: 56). But that doesn’t help much if he lacks the points in the offensive midfield.